How is ready-mixed concrete made?

Distinction between cement, concrete and ready-mixed concrete.

Concrete is everywhere. Concrete, in its simplest form, is a mixture of cement, water and aggregates.

(cement + water) + aggregate = concrete

Ready-mixed concrete is concrete that is batched at a factory, according to project’s requirements, and delivered to work site.

In technical terms, concrete is a composite material which is made up of a filler and a binder. The binder, or cement paste, glues the filler together to form a synthetic conglomerate. The binder components are cement and water, while the filler can be fine or coarse aggregate.

Although ready-mix concrete was first batched in a factory sometime in the 1930s, it did not come into demand until the 1960s. Since then, concrete has become the second most consumed substance on earth, only second to water.